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Mermaid Tail Mug

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Mermaid Tail Mug

SKU#: AMG071   |   Availability: In Stock   |   MAP Price: $12.00

The fascination with mythical mermaids meets up with the Ceramic Mermaid Tail Mug. This mug brings the mermaid magic to your morning routine with a delightful mermaid tail in ocean blue. Add this mug to your shelf to add a smile to your face every time you grab the tail handle.

Made from ocean colored ceramic, the Ceramic Mermaid Tail Mug reflects the sea. Imagined mermaid tail scales cover this mermaid tail mug. A flip of the tail forms the mug's handle. Every time you take a sip of a hot beverage, you can imagine yourself on the beach as a beautiful mermaid.

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